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LibreOffice Impress - Group 7


Video 20 - Fontwork

We look at how to use the LibreOffice Fontwork Gallery.

We open up the Fontwork Gallery and add a Fontwork to our document. Then we change the default text of the Fontwork (that shows the shape and color of our Fontwork) to the text we want it to be, and we click off the font work to set our text as the Fontwork text.

Single clicking on the Fontwork, gives us the blue fill handles that allow us to change the size of the Fontwork and clicking on the yellow special fill handle allows us to increase or decrease the effect of the Fontwork.

Clicking on the rotate button (or double clicking on the Fontwork) brings up the red fill handles that allow us to rotate our Fontwork.

We also have 2 toolbars to help us customize our Fontwork. The 3D-Settings toolbar (only when the extrusion is turned on) and the FontWork Toolbar. The settings for both of these toolbars are also shown in this video.