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LibreOffice Impress - Group 3

Viewing a slideshow

Video 5 - Viewing the Document pt1

We open the presentation updated in the last video.

When we start the slideshow and see black bars on the right and left of the our slide show. To get rid of that, we go into Format, Page, and change the output format to match our output screen size (in this case 16.9).

We see that clicking the mouse takes us to the next screen, we also see that page up and page down will move the the next and previous slide, as well as the arrow up and down keys.

The escape key will cancel us out of the presentation and pressing the page down, arrow down, or clicking after the last slide will end the slide show.

We see the Control+B shows a black screen and control+W makes the screen go white. Pressing it a second time will cancel out.

Selecting a slide and clicking on Start from current slide will start the slideshow from the selected slide.

Rehearse Timings will show a clock in the lower left corner that is reset to zero for every page to help you practice how much time you spend on a specific slide.

We look at the Jump to Last slide edited and see that we need to close LibreOffice Impress and reopen it to update the last slide edited pointer.

Hiding a slide (or slides) will allow you to keep them in the document, but how show them in the slideshow. Show slide will show a hidden slide in the slideshow

We create 2 custom slide shows using the slides that are already in this document.

Video 6 - Viewing the Document pt2

Opening the document we saved in the last video, shows we are still in slide sorter view. We look at how to sort slides by moving them around. We insert a new slide and double click on it to take us to the normal view where we can add or edit text and click on the slide sorter tab to get back.

We cant change the zoom of the slide sorter view from the lower right corner, but we can change the zoom by changing the number of slides on a line. We can rehearse timings, start from first slide, and start from current slide.

Opening up the slide show - slide show settings, at top we have some radio buttons currently set to display a custom slide show, because that is where we left it at the end of the last video.

We can change that to All slides or select a slide to start from in the dropdown box.

Below that we have Type which deals with how the slide show is displayed. Default is a full page slide, Window will show the slideshow inside of the LibreOffice Impress Window, and Auto will show full page slideshow that is meant to repeat multiple times.

The Options group is next to the Type. Change Slides manually will ignore any automated slideshow settings. Mouse Pointer visible - the mouse pointer is always visible this does nothing with my version of LibreOffice. Mouse pointer as a pen allows us to write on a slide during the slideshow.

Right clicking on a slide during a slideshow brings up a context menu. This allows me to turn on or off the use mouse as a pen, change the color of the pen ink and pen width of the pen line as well as erase the ink on the slide. We can also go to any slide in the slideshow, change the screen to black or white, or end the slide show - all from that context menu.

We turn on the Navigator, but we dont say much about the navigator in this video, other than we can quickly jump to a specific slide in the Navigator.

Video 7 - Viewing the Document pt3

Picking up from where we left off in the last video, we see the Multiple Displays are inactive.

We change the Type to Default to make the multiple displays active, and see the presentation default sets the slideshow to the external display and will show a console on the 1st display. We can change it to show the slideshow on all displays.

I start the presentation and we see I am recording my external display, because it is showing us the slideshow. Clicking the Exchange button will switch the displays.

Now, we see the console with the Exchange button (the button used to change the displays). We also see the current slide the attendees are seeing as well as what the next slide will be.

The time of day is showing as well as a timer showing how much time has passed since the slideshow started.

We see the next and previous button fields and a "Notes" view that we will look at in the next video and slides view allow us to see many slides at one time.

A help screen can be opened by clicking on the "? Help" button, and this help screen that is actually pretty helpful.

The last thing we do in this video is to change some of the background masters to the Vintage setting. When we try it in the slideshow, we see the background doesnt fill the entire page.

A quick short term fix for this is to, I go into the master slide list right click on the background (outside of the placeholders) and choose convert to bitmap.