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LibreOffice Impress - Group 6

Custom Master Pages

Video 17 - Custom Master Pages

In this video we create our own custom master page.

We start by adding a watermark to the slideshow weve been working with up to now we update the master pages we added from the sidebar.

Then we create our own custom master page. We design it similar to the vintage master page that is currently in our slideshow.

Video 18 - Custom Master Pages pt 2

We continue looking at the master pages.

The first thing we do is review headers and footers we looked at in video 10 - then we move the Slide Number Area footer to the top of the page and show that it is still hidden or shown from the headers and footers dialog box, but now it is on the top of the page instead of the bottom.

Next we add the total number of pages to the Slide Number Area footer. We also add the total number of pages to the slide itself showing it does not have to be added to a footer.

Starting the presentation, we see the total page number we added to the slide shows, but the footer does not (because we have the do not show on title box checked in the header and footer dialog box). We dont see either total number of pages on the second slide because that is from a different master page slide, and we have not yet added our changes to that master page.

We add the total number of pages to our new slide master and we look at the header and footer dialog box to show the Do not show on first page is checked.

We then look at the Handout Master and change it to three slides per page, we add in a rectangle shape and some lines to create a notes area, and copy and paste it (using cntl+c and cntl+v).

We then create a .pdf of the presentation as handouts and show the three slides per page has an area for notes note if the last slide only has 2 (or one) slides, three note areas will still be shown.

Video 19 - Templates

To make a template from the document we are working with I remove all the slides in the document and change the single (requited) blank slide to a white background.

I save this document with the name template.odp, This presentation has the custom master slides we created in the previous tutorials, including the three page per sheet handout master page. But since this is not a template document (it is just a presentation with the name document); it can easily (or accidentally) be written over.

To make our presentation document a template document, we will save our document as a .otp (ODF Presentation Template) document. When we open that file with LibreOffice, it will have the name Untitled and ask us for a file-name when we try to save the document.