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LibreOffice Impress - Group 8

Photo Album

Video 21 - Photo Album

We create a LibreOffice Impress photo album (A slideshow of photos with one photo per page).

To insert a group of images 1 per page I go to Insert ? Media ? photo album. I can select some or all of the photos and then I can add more photos from the same or a different directory.

In the Create Photo Album dialog box we can preview photos and change the sort order and add or remove photos before inserting them into the presentation.

Adding the photos to the presentation adds them in and any slides that were in the presentation are still there.

The photos can be added 1, 2 or 4 images per slide and Titles can be added to the slides.

Some of the pictures have the white background showing, that is changed by going into format, background, and changing that to the color black.

When I run the slideshow, we see I need to click on the slide or press the page down, I want the slides to change automatically and we will do that in the next video.

Video 22 - Slide Transitions

We open the photo album created in the previous tutorial and update it to auto-advance the slide after 3 seconds.

After that, we update the slideshow to restart from the beginning of the slideshow after the slideshow ends. We see that we can pause before restarting the slideshow, but I choose to restart immediately.

I change the time the last slide will show on the screen to make it show a little longer and I add a message in the title field.

We then add slide transition effects and show some different transitions and how we can customize a transition.

We also see when we add a transition, the total time for that slide equals the time of the slide transition plus the time in the Advance Slide Automatically after box.

The last thing we do is set LibreOffice Impress to pick a random slide transition when changing slides.