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LibreOffice Impress - Group 5

Adding Media

Video 12 - Add a Picture

We add pictures to the slide-show.

I insert a new slide and change it to be title and 2 content slide.

I insert an image from a content box and the picture is adjusted to proportionally fit the entire picture inside the content box. If we have many slides with pictures; they would all line up nicely when we use the same format properties. We are not limited to only have our pictures the size of the placeholder, we can shrink or grow it and move it to anywhere we like on the slide.i We can add another image from the menu-bar or insert-Image and LibreOffice will center the image and insert it full size or the size of the slide whichever is smaller.

The gallary on the sidebar contains clip-art that we can place on our slides.

We also see how adding in a few clipart tiems and how to bring them to the front or send them behind other objects and how to group them together.

Video 13 - Adding a Chart pt.1

We add a chart into the presentation we have been working on.

Moving and resizing the chart is done the same way as the shapes and pictures.

Clicking inside the chart brings up a context menu where we can customize the chart to show our data.

The data table is a little spreadsheet where we can add and remove rows and columns, as well as type in category names and column names that will show in the legend.

Video 14 - Adding a Chart pt.2

I switched to an operating system that moved the LibreOffice Menu Bar so I show that first.

We edit the chart and add titles. The main title is placed at the top of the chart. The chart is shrunk down to make room for the title, then the title font is changed.

The widgets series color is changed from blue to light green and made 50% transparent with borders.

Data labels are added for the widgets series and formated to angle at 45 degrees.

Mean values lines and trend lines are also added and deleted.

The chart can be changed to a 3D look with cones, cylinders, or pyramids

The chart can also be shown differently, I look at 3 examples: the bar chart, the line chart, and the pie chart , but note pie charts swaps the categories and series in the version available when recording this video.

Video 15 - Insert a Table

We insert a table into the presentation we have been working with.

The insert table pop-up asks us how many columns and rows do we want when we first insert the table.

We can resize the table by moving the fill handles, and if one of our rows or columns becomes a difference size, we can use the "Space Equally" option from the context menu to make them all the same size again.

Entering data into the cells is done by clicking into the cell where you want to add your text.

If you want one column larger than the rest, you can make that column the desired size, and select the rest of the columns and Space Equally only the selected columns.

A LibreOffice Impress Table does not have a way to add or sum totals, if you want that done, you will have to add the numbers yourself and type in the total.

There are some options for changing the background of a table, including banded rows, highlighting a header row, first column, and last column.

Cells can also be set to custom colors, bitmaps, hatching, or gradients.

Cell formatting is done the same as Writer and Calc formatting, select what is to be customized, the choose the formatting option from the sidebar.

Video 16 - Insert Audio/Video

We see how to add and audio clip and look at the media playback toolbar.

We then add a video clip to the same slide.

In the slideshow, the media plays immediately when the media slide is opened. A work around is shown to create a picture of the beginning of the video and then adding a new slide of that picture just before the media slide to make it look like the movie is paused and waiting for you to press the next slide button to start the clip.