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Tips: Get Organized
Get Organized
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Get Organized

Deciding on how you want to organize the files on your computer can overwhelming, so much so that some of us just put it off and they end up with documents named doc1, doc2, reviseddoc1, and revisedToday saved on the desktop. We know you are just naming them that way “for now” and you are going to rename them and move them somewhere better, “Later, when you get some time”. We all know that that, rarely happens, because if you don’t have the time now, it will even take more time later.

Some people think that the desktop search feature eliminates the need for a good file structure and a good naming convention. Most of us have found that, although we like the desktop search feature on occasions, for everyday use, it is just too cumbersome. Others like the new Libraries feature Windows 7 has and think that eliminates the need for a good file structure. Although those are great tools, if you really want the most control over your documents, a good hierarchical structure and naming standard is the best way to go.

So, what is the best way to organize your files? There is no one size fits all answer to that question. It depends mostly on your own personal situation and needs. One thing I am sure of is that using a few organizational tricks and techniques to create a personal standard, can save you a lot of time. Even a mediocre system can save you a lot of time in the long run. So, this cannot be emphasized enough. Then, after you create an organizational approach, you should use the same file structure/naming conventions for all of your computers and devices.

To try and keep things simple, I've broken up the idea of organizing the documents on your computer into three areas, File Names, File Structure, and Keeping Organized. File names should be reviewed first, because you will want to apply many of those same concepts when naming the files in your files structure. File structure should be the way we group our documents, in a way that make it easy for us to find our files quickly. The Keeping Organized tips are to help you continue keeping your computer files organized.