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LibreOffice Calc
Video Tutorial

Group 1 - Spreadsheet Basics

  • Video 1 - A first Look
    Please, only download libreoffice from www.libreoffice.org. This video also describes the title bar, menu bar, what is a cell, what is the active cell, and how to move around the screen.

  • Video 2 - Fictitious Company
    Basic functionality of a spreadsheet with an example of a how we would calculate profits and sum totals for a Fictitious Company, undo/redo, cut/paste - cut/paste shortcuts

Group 2 - Lemonade Stand

Group 3 - Lists Part 1

Group 4 - Lists Part 2

  • Video 13 - Forms
    This video tutorial will show page break view, how to turn on off tool bars, and List Forms.

Group 5 - Lists Part 3

Group 6 - Conditional

Group 7 - Advanced Functions

Group 8 - Password Protecting Your Spreadsheets

Group 9 - Working with Multiple Sheets

  • Video 33 - Add Hyperlink Index page
    The video will show you how to create an index page with hyperlinks to the tabs in that file ; and how to move/copy a sheet to another document.

Group 10 - LibreOffice Charts

Group 11 - DataPilot a.k.a. Pivot Tables