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Group 1
Calc - Spreadsheet

Video 1 - A first Look

Please, only download libreoffice from www.libreoffice.org.

This video also describes the title bar, menu bar, what is a cell, what is the active cell, and how to move around the screen.

Video 2 - Fictitious Company

Basic functionality of a spreadsheet with an example of a how we would calculate profits and sum totals for a Fictitious Company, undo/redo, cut/paste - cut/paste shortcuts

Video 3 - Formatting the Ficitious Company

borders, background color, center, currency, column align, column auto align, merge and center, delete cell vs. delete cell content

Video 4 - Saving your Spreadsheets

This video tutorial shows some ways to save your spreadsheets - Saving files, save vs. save as, file types .ods .xlxs

Video 5 - Printing your spreadsheets

Printing - Print sheet order, Portrait, Landscape, Gridlines, Preview, Headers, Footers, Header footer info: font, page, number, date, path