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LibreOffice Base - Group 13

Creating a Subform

Video 33 - Create a Subform

We create a form with a simple subform using the employee table as the main form and the phone number table we created in videos 30 and 31 as our subform.

Video 34 - Createing a Relationship

We create a 1 to many relationship then we add an update cascade and a delete cascade constraint to our forgien key for that relationship, we also look at a common relationship error message and what causes it.

Video 35 - Repositioning Fields on a Form

We move fields around the old employee form to make room for a sub-form - the background is changed and some columns are aligned too.

Video 36 - Adding a Subform (to an exiting form)

We add a subform to our original (single table) Employee form (reformatted in video 35) to make it look and work like video 33s Create a simple subform.