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LibreOffice Base Group 24

Reports 2

Video 69 - Reports Intro to Grouping

We look at grouping our report by employee ID - We also add in some space and separator lines.

Video 70 - Reports Conditional

We create a report from the Employees table and use "IF()" to change the Department ID to a Department Name. Then we use the "ISBLANK()" in an IF to set a value for a field that is NULL. We also highlight values greater than 40 by making them bold and changing the color.

Video 71 - Reports More Grouping pt 1

We create a report that groups employees by their group, which is also grouped by department with each department on a separate page.

Video 72 - Reports More Grouping pt 2

We add a count for the Group and Department groups, we also accumulate the hourly wages by Group and Department.