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LibreOffice Base Group 25

Home Invoice

Video 73 - Home Invoice pt 1 - Tables

We want to manage and create invoices (similar to the sample invoice we created using LibreOffice Draw). In this video, we look at the data on the sample invoice and create tables to hold the information that we want on our invoice.

Video 74 - Home Invoice pt 2 - Forms

We add the Customer Form and an Invoice Form to our database.

Video 75 - Home Invoice pt 3 - Add Data

We add some data to our tables and fix a couple of issued with our forms.

Video 76 - Home Invoice pt 4a - The Invoice

We start the report that will create the actual invoices (The invoices that will look like the LibreOffice Draw Invoice we saw in part 1)

Video 77 - Home Invoice pt 4b - The Invoice

We continue working the form making the address, state, and zip code look nice (in a single field) and we start adding in the box outlines.

Video 78 - Home Invoice pt4c - The Invoice

We complete our invoice report.

Working on the invoice report, I try to re-size a label by using the handles and LibreOffice crashes. I restore from my backup, and I am able to complete the report. We finish by comparing the LibreOffice Draw sample invoice to the completed invoice.