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LibreOffice Base - Group 11

Queries Part 4

Video 26 - Limit Distinct Calculations and Constants

We first see how to limit the number of records in our result set, then see the distinct feature, we calculate the weekly and annual salary, then we look at how to create a constant value in our output.

Video 27 - User Parameters Part 1

We look at how to create a query to search for a specific employee ID. Then we apply the same principles for a date range query.

Video 28 - User Parameters Part 2

We add wildcards to our user input query and use it to create a simple form with a user input parameter.

Video 29 - Count and Group

Function in design view - How to count up the number of records on a table or for a result set - We can also group by a field (like department) and count or summarize a numeric field by group.