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From Windows XP to Linux
Overview Page

XP to Linux Overview Summery for the Overview Page

Video 1 - What is Linux

We see that Linux is an Operating system like Windows and MacOS, but the same Linux operating system can have a very different look depending on the desktop used. Here we see the Ubuntu operating system with the Unity desktop, KDE desktop, and Ubuntu-Mate desktop. The same Operating system, with 3 very different looks.


Video 2 - Picking a Distro

In video 2 we look at the three parts that make up a Linux Distribution (Distro) - The Kernel, the Operating System, and the Desktop.


In video 2 We also mention that DistroWatch.com is a good place to look for some popular Linux distributions.


Video 3 - Downloading Linux Mint

In Video 3 we talk about the different versions of Linux Mint 17.2 available for download.- and pick one to install...


Video 4 - Create a Linux USB Installer

In Video 4 We install a Linux-Live ISO image onto a USB flash drive. This allows us to try out a version of Linux without changing our current Windows XP system. If we like it, we can install this version of Linux onto our computer right from the USB stick.


Video 6 - Install Linux Mint (Dual Boot)

Video 6 we see how easy it is to install Linux Mint alongside the existing Windows XP operating system.


Video 6 also shows us (after we've installed Linux Mint) how we can choose which operating system we want to use - Windows or Linux.


Video 8 - 11 Customize the Desktop

Video 8 We look at the different ways we can change the background.


Video 8 - 11 Customize the Desktop

Video 9 We look at how the change the font appearance and add new fonts.


Video 8 - 11 Customize the Desktop
Video 10 shows the different themes available, like this one showing how to make the windows look like a mac.


Video 12 - 14 Intro to Compiz

Video 13 is an introduction to the Compiz desktop effects.


Video 12 - 14 Intro to Compiz

Video 14 shows a few more basic Compiz effects.


Video 16 - Screen Saver

Video 16 We add more Screensavers including this one Skyrocket


Video 18 - PPAs

Sometimes we need to use a PPA to get the version of software we want - How do do that is explained in video 18.


Videos 20-25 - Caja File Manager

6 videos go into detail of what the Caja File manager can do.

22-CajaFile Manager.png

Videos 20-25 - Caja File Manager

Video 24 shows how to search the computer (or directory) for a file or part of a file name.


Video 26 - Disks

Video 26 shows how to use the Disks program.


Video 27 - Adding a Printer

We add a printer to Linux Mint Mate in video 27.


Videos 28-30 - Adding a User

We add a standard user in video 28


Videos 28-30 - Adding a User

Video 29 looks at how file permissions work in Linux.


Videos 28-30 - Adding a User

Video 29 also looks at the Octal permissions and how to calculate them.


Videos 28-30 - Adding a User

Video 30 looks a assigning Group permissions (for multiple people to share a directory or folder)


Videos 31-34 - Backup and Restore from a Backup

Video 31 - We backup the files and folders in the home folder - Then backup up the programs we installed on our computer


Videos 31-34 - Backup and Restore from a Backup

Video 32 Shows how to add the Cinnamon Desktop to the Mate Version of Linux Mint we originally installed

32-Cinnamon Desktop.png

Videos 31-34 - Backup and Restore from a Backup

Video 33 Shows how to remove Linux from the system, and restores Windows XP as a single operating system on the computer.


Videos 31-34 - Backup and Restore from a Backup

Video 34 Shows how to restore from the backups created in video 31 (after doing a "fresh" install of Linux again, as shown in video 6)

34-Restore from Backup.png