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From Winodws XP to Linux
Group 7
Customizing Pane(s)

Video 18 - PPAs

We look at how to customize the Linux Mint Mate Panel(s)

We first look at how to move the Linux Mate Mate Panel by holding down Alt and moving the panel to the top of the screen, then the left, and then to the right.

Then we open the panel properties (by right clicking on the panel and selecting properties) and we move the panel using a property box dropdown.

We look at look at the Panel Properties Expand, Autohide, and Show hide buttons as well as change the size of the panel.

The Background tab allows us to change the panel background to a picture or to a color of our choosing that we can adjust the opacity.

We add multiple panels to the desktop.

We look at how to add items onto a panel and now to remove them from the panel as well as how to remove an unwanted panel (but we must have at least 1 panel)

We add shortcuts to the panel and look at how to arrange them on the panel by right clicking and selecting move.

Lastly we show how to move icons around on the panel by right clicking, selecting move, and holding down shift (or holding down ALT) and seeing how Alt and Shft are similar, they are also very different