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From Winodws XP to Linux
Group 8
Caja File Manager

Video 20 - Caja File Manager pt1

Caja is the file manager that comes with the Linux Mint Mate desktop

We open up the Caja File Manager and then we learn that the different panels are the Main Toolbar, the Side Pane, the Location Bar, the view pane, the Status bar, and we look at what the extra Pane is.

We see the Home and the Computer on the Main Toolbar do the same thing as the short-cut links on the desktop.

We look at how the Back and Forward buttons work and that the dropdown shows us the back back/forward history – that gets cleared out every time we close and re-open the file manager window.

We see under “Go” a folder history is kept there for the last 10 folders visited and that does not get cleared out when the file manager window is closed and re-opened – that is held until Clear History is clicked.

We see there is a difference between going to the Parent folder and pressing the back button.

We look at how to make extra pane view look like the view pane (or vice-verse)

Then we take a quick look at icon view, list view, and Compact View.


Video 21 - Caja File Manager pt2

We continue looking at the Caja file manager.

I added some files and some pictures that I downloaded from my website.

We first look at how to sort files in List View by Name, Size, Type, or Date Modified.

Then we change the view to Icon View and look at how to sort the files in Icon View manually.

We add (and remove) emblems to files and folders, first by using the properties - emblems tab. Then by using the sidebar.

The last thing we do is show hot to change the folder colors


Video 22 - Caja File Manager pt3

We show how to change a folder to show as a picture, then we show how to change a file to show as a picture.

We look at how notes work for a folder and show up in the side bar and then show the notes work for a file – and it is different than notes for a folder.

We look at the information function for the sidebar

We look at how to create a link for a file(or a folder) and how they work

Then we look at how the bookmarks work and how to get them to show up in the sidebar


Video 23 - Caja File Manager pt4

We are still looking at the Caja File Manager and I've removed all the notes and emblems from my files and folders.

On my test machine, I lost the Sidebar and the location/search bar, as well as Go, Bookmarks, and the second section of the View menu dropdown. I was unable to find a way to fix this problem.

We then look at the background and emblems from the Edit menu dropdown. From here we can change the color (or set a pattern) of the background of some of the folders in the Caja file manager.

The emblems portion works just like the emblems in the side bar, only from here, we can add (and remove) our own custom emblems.

We look at right clicking a folder and opening it in new tab – which is different than opening a new pane – and the difference is shown.

We look at selecting files by clicking on one and holding shift to select the two folders and everything inbetween them and by selecting a file and then holding down control and selecting specific files to add to our selection.

To move a file or selection of files, we just need to drag and drop them to the new location and to make a copy we need to hold down control before we drag and drop them.

We can zip a file (or a selection of files) by right clicking and selecting compress (and choosing a preferred compression method – I choose .zip). From here we can also change the name and password protect our compressed file. We also look at how to unzip the file.


Video 24 - Caja File Manager pt5

We are almost done looking at the Caja File Manager.

We delete a couple fo files into the trash. And we change the Side bar to be the Tree view.

We have three tree structures, but we realize we only need one, the File System (or Root folder) all other folders branch out from that like a tree branch. The Home file is a root file too, but only for that user account and the trash file is in a hidden file inside of the user root (home) folder. We see where the trash is and see the files that we deleted at the beginning of this video.

The reason we have three separate trees showing is to help us quickly get to the most used files.

Linux and Unix users prefer the word Directory over Folder.

We look at the location bar and see the difference between button view and text view.

We click on the magnifying glass to search the user root folder for all .jpg files. Then we look at how to search only the download folder, the picture folder or all folders in my directory (or on the computer).


Video 25 - Caja File Manager pt6

The is the 6th and final video on the Caja File Manger.

We look that the file management preferences (under edit- preferences in a Caja window).

We first look at the Default view. The format a Caja window will show the file if nothing has been changed for that folder.. I have chosen the List View, sorting the files by Name, and sorting folders before the files.

The Icon view default will show any file manager page using the Icon view