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From Winodws XP to Linux
Group 2
Download / Install Linux Mint?

Video 3 - Download LInux Mint

In this tutorial, we look at how to download Linux Mint Mate 32 bit...


Video 4 - Create a Linux USB Installer

We go to PendriveLinux.com and download the Universal USB Installer...


Video 5 - Linux Live

We use the Linux USB or DVD created in the previous videos to boot into Linux Live (meaning run Linux on our computer to test is out without installing it on our computer).

First we talk about changing the boot order (for this boot only) on a computer to boot Linux from a USB drive

We do the same tests for Linux Mint 17.1 Mate that we did in our first video.

We see that Ubuntu-Mate is a little different than Mint Mate.

We look at using Linux Mint Live to see what hardware is on a computer using System Monitor and inxi.

We also look at using Linux Mint Live to recover files from a windows XP computer, and mention 2 versions of Linux specifically made for this, SARDU and SystemRescueCD


Video 6 - Install Linux Mint (Dual Boot)

In this tutorial we install Linux Mint alongside of Windows XP.

The first thing recommend before starting, is that you backup your current Windows XP system and there are 3 free ways suggested, Macrium Reflect free, EaseUS Todo Backup Free, and Clonezilla.

Next, we walk through the installer process of installing Linux Mint alongside Windows XP.

We look at partitioning the hard drive and deciding how much disk space each system should have. We add a swap area to the Linux partition and talk about what a swap area is.

We create a user account and talk about encrypting the home folder.

We complete the install and restart the computer. After logging into Linux Mint 17.1 we install the multimedia codecs making our no-codec version of Linux Mint Mate the same as the standard Linux Mint Mate download (the version with codecs included in the dlownload)


Video 7 - Updating Linux Mint

We look at how to use the Linux Mint Update Manager to update Linux Mint

The welcome screen is still on, we see how to turn that off (and back on).

We open the Update Manager by double clicking the Update Manager Status icon as well as from the Menu.

We look at what is displayed in the Update Manager and the meaning of the different Types and Levels as well as what is visible and what is marked as safe.

After we have the appropriate updates selected, we update Linux Mint.