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Windows System Backup
Overview Page

Windows 7 System Backup and Restore - is a system backup program included on most versions of Windows 7

Windows 7 System Backup is a backup utility that comes free on most versions of Windows 7. It is a good way of backing your entire windows 7 system to an external hard drive. Please note that you will have to create a Windows 7 System repair disk in order to get your system backup restored on to a new hard drive since there will be no system on a (new) empty hard drive.

How it works is, you would need to take a full backup of your current system, then if your hard drive becomes unusable for some reason, you would put in your windows 7 system repair CD/DVD - THAT YOU CREATED (or you can use the USB version instead of a CD/DVD) and boot up the computer from that. The system repair program will ask you whether you want to restore from a backup (The one that you created) or if you want the system repair program to try to fix windows.

Even if you do not backup your system with the Windows 7 system backup tool, creating a Windows 7 System repair disk is still highly recommended.