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Easeus Toto File Backup
Overview Page

Easeus Todo Backup Home- has a FREE file/folder backup feature that will allow you to schedule a backup (either incremental or full backup) of your documents, pictures, music and the like from your computer to an external storage device.

Easeus Todo Backup is a FREE home user backup program that will allow you to schedule a regular backup (daily/weekly/monthly) and it will hold the information (as of the time/date each backup) incrementally since the original backup.

How this works is Easeus Todo Backup will make a complete copy of your selected files/folders on the first backup,then it will just record the changes since the last backup, this allows the backup to run quicker,and gives you a history of all the changes made since the first backup. So, if you were doing a weekly backups the last 6 months and had a file out there for two weeks three months ago, it will still be in your backup files. I understand that for some people this may NOT be what they want - so keep that in mind if you choose to use this product.


Video Tutorials of this FREE backup program demonstrate how to take an incremental backup and restore files from those backups. The tutorials should give you enough information to help you decide if Easeus Todo Backup is something that would help make you more productive.