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This site was created to:
Help people with less than average resources get the most out of their computers.

At this site, we look at how to use software that you don't have to buy. Most of the software shown in the videos will allow donations so if find something useful to you, you may want to consider making a donation to them.

The tutorials can be viewed at https://Youtube.com/user/thefrugalcomputerguy or from this website. Each tutorial should have a Homepage, an Overview page and pages to watch the tutorials right from this site as shown for the LibreOffice Base example - below.
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Each tutorial series has am Pverview Page - Explaining some basic functionality of the software

Picutre of a video tutorial series homepage
Each group has a video tutorial page Where you can watch the videos in that group

Picture of a video tutorial series homepage
Each tutoril series has a homepage with all the videos listed grouped by topic with download(if any)

Picutre of a video tutorial series homepage

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