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Group 18
3D Effects

Video 35 - 3D-Effects Part 1

Adding a "3D Effects" dialog box shortcut to a toolbar and a look at the Geometry settings of the 3D Effects Dialog Box.

Video 36 - 3D-Effects Part 2

Segments and Normals

Video 37 - 3D-Effects Part 3

Shading, Shadow, Camera, and Update

Video 38 - 3D-Effects Part 4

Illumination tab The light source preview window, how to change the angle of a light source, light source colors, ambient light, and turning on and off individual light sources.

Video 39 - 3D-Effects Part 5

Textures and Materials. Placing a custom picture on your 3D object and adjusting the size and position of the picture. Also a look at the Materials : Chrome, Gold, Metal, Plastic, and Wood.