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From XP to Linux
From Windows XP
to Linux
Overview Page

  • Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft
  • Windows XP software vulnarablilitys will never be patched
  • There are many (Free) Linux operating systems availale as a suitable replacement.

The intent of this series is to introduce Linux to a person with no knowledge of Linux.

The viewer will learn that there are many different Linux distributions. Some distributions are designed for a specific group of people or area of interest and some are more general.

The viewer will learn how to install (and remove) a Linux Distribution from a Windows XP computer.

* More details will be added when available.

Video 1 - What is Linux

In Video 1 - We see that Linux is an Operating system like Windows and MacOS, but the same Linux operating system can have a very different look depending on the desktop used. Here we see the Ubuntu operating system with the Unity desktop, KDE desktop, and Ubuntu-Mate desktop. The same Operating system, with 3 very different looks.

Video 2 - Picking a Distro

In video 2 we look at the three parts that make up a Linux Distribution (Distro) - The Kernel, the Operating System, and the Desktop.
In video 2 We also mention that DistroWatch.com is a good place to look for some popular Linux distributions.

Video 3 - Downloading Linux Mint

In Video 3 we talk about the different versions of Linux Mint 17.2 available for download.- and pick one to install...

Video 4 - Create a Linux USB Installer

Linux Live USB pic
In Video 4 We install a Linux-Live ISO image onto a USB flash drive. This allows us to try out a version of Linux without changing our current Windows XP system. If we like it, we can install this version of Linux onto our computer right from the USB stick.

Video 6 - Install Linux Mint (Dual Boot)

Install Linux dual boot pic
Video 6 we see how easy it is to install Linux Mint alongside the existing Windows XP operating system.
Boot up loging system choose pic
Video 6 also shows us (after we've installed Linux Mint) how we can choose which operating system we want to use - Windows or Linux.

Video 8 - 11 - Customize the Desktop

Changing the background pic
Video 8 We look at the different ways we can change the background.
fonts pic
Video 9 We look at how the change the font appearance and add new fonts.
Look Like a mac pic
Video 10 shows the different themes available, like this one showing how to make the windows look like a mac.

Video 12 - 14 - Intro to Compiz

Compiz pic 1
Video 13 is an introduction to the Compiz desktop effects.
Compiz pic 2
Video 14 shows a few more basic Compiz effects.

Video 16 - Screen Saver

Screen Saver pic
Video 16 We add more Screensavers including this one Skyrocket

Video 18 - PPAs

PPAs pic
Sometimes we need to use a PPA to get the version of software we want - How do do that is explained in video 18.

Videos 20-25 - Caja File Manager

Caja File Manager pic
6 videos go into detail of what the Caja File manager can do.
Caja Search feature pic
Video 24 shows how to search the computer (or directory) for a file or part of a file name.
Caja File Preferences pic
Video 24 shows how to search the computer (or directory) for a particular file or part of a file name.

Video 26 - Disks

Disks pic
Video 26 shows how to use the Disks program.

Video 27 - Adding a Printer

Add a printer pic
We add a printer to Linux Mint Mate in video 27.

Videos 28-30 - Adding a User

Adding a User pic
We add a standard user in video 28
User Permissions pic
Video 29 looks at how file permissions work in Linux.
User Permissions 2 pic
Video 29 also looks at the Octal permissions and how to calculate them.
Groups pic
Video 30 looks a assigning Group permissions (for multiple people to share a directory or folder)

Videos 31-34 - Backup and restore from a backup

Backup Tool pic
Video 31 - We backup the files and folders in the home folder - Then backup up the programs we installed on our computer
Cinnamon Desktop pic
Video 32 Shows how to add the Cinnamon Desktop to the Mate Version of Linux Mint we originally installed
Restore Windows pic
Video 33 Shows how to remove Linux from the system, and restores Windows XP as a single operating system on the computer.
Groups pic
Video 34 Shows how to restore from the backups created in video 31 (after doing a "fresh" install of Linux again, as shown in video 6)